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              • We accept the following methods of payment: Visa(Debit/Credit), MasterCard, PayPal

              • We currently accept major international credit cards including Visa, MasterCard. GaleriasFashion.com guarantees that your online transaction will be secure and that your credit information will be protected. We guarantee that you will not be billed for any additional charges not associated with the order. (Please note that all of our transactions are charged by US dollars, your bank may charge you a small amount of currency exchange fees if your local currency is not USD.

 Galerias Fashion usually takes 3-5 working days from the date of posting of your order. Customers receive an email with an estimated delivery date upon placing each order, and your tracking number email when your order have been despatched

Delays do occasionally happen, despite our best efforts. Sorry, but we can’t accept liability for any delay or for not delivering the products within the estimated delivery time. For pre-ordered products the product will be despatched by us so that it will be with you on its release date or as soon as possible after such date


The four Stages of Order Status

                  1. Pending: We have received your order and are in the process of manufacturing it.
                  2. Processed: Your order is in the creation phase or is awaiting shipment.
                  3. Shipped: We have queued your order for shipment. a tracking number is issued at this point. Please keep in mind that if your order was queued for shipment after standard shipping times (6PM PST) or on a weekend, then it was not put in transit until the following business day.
                  4. Canceled: Your order has been formally canceled within our system. If you are unsure why your order has been cancelled, please contact Customer Support.